Dementia Care

Here at Lifespan we take pride in our staff who are especially skilled in providing compassionate care to persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Our caregivers are trained in communicating with and providing assistance to people with all levels of cognitive decline. Particular attention is paid when matching home care aides to person with dementia to allow for the highest level of client comfort. Additionally our professional care managers are available to help family members work through challenging situations and behaviors as well as re-evaluating care needs. Check out our Whole Person Biography form that helps us learn more about the person we are caring for.


The Whole Person Biographical Questionnaire

The information you provide in this document will be used to enhance the caregiver’s understanding of your family member. Please enter information that you believe will be helpful in guiding activities and conversation as well as maintaining a calm and comfortable environment. This kind of history permits caregivers working with your family member to know their story, celebrate their accomplishments and affirm their lives.

Client's Name *
Client's Name
Family and Friends
Spouse/Partner's name
Spouse/Partner's name
Close friends, neighbors, religious community members
Personality and Temperament
Daily Routine

Thank you for taking time to provide this information to help us provide the best support possible to your family member.