Frequently Asked Questions

When should home care be considered?
Home care services should be considered following a recent surgery or illness. Additionally, home care can be considered for anybody who has long-term physical, cognitive, or emotional care needs, and does not require skilled care on an ongoing basis. Our professional Care Managers can help you determine how much help will be needed with things like shopping, errands, driving, housekeeping, cooking, bathing, dressing, mobility and medication reminders.

How do I arrange for home care services?
Start with a phone call to the Lifespan office. A Lifespan professional will contact you to make an appointment to discuss the details about what kind of care is needed. 

How soon can you start service?
As soon as we have completed an assessment to determine the level of care needed, a caregiver will be assigned to your case. We provide care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are your employees bonded and insured?
All Lifespan employees have passed an in-depth screening process including fingerprint clearance by the Department of Justice and the FBI as required by the Home Care Services Bureau of the California Department of Social Services. All employees are also covered by Lifespan’s general liability and worker’s compensation policies.

Why should I go through an agency as opposed to privately hiring someone?
If you hire someone privately you become the employer. With that, comes payroll taxes, liability risks, staffing responsibilities, and supervision. Lifespan takes care of it all. We assess, train, insure and bond all of our employees, and assign staffing managers to coordinate consistent and appropriate staffing. Lifespan is in full compliance with the 2015 Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act which specifies that all employees meet the requirements to become Registered Home Care Aides under the auspices of the Home Care Services Bureau of the California Department of Social Services. Our professional staff of registered nurses and social workers supervise our caregivers to ensure optimum care.

Do I need a Geriatric Care Manager in addition to home care services?
Lifespan's care management services offer personalized, comprehensive care from a nurse or social worker. These professionals solve problems. This includes ordering medical equipment and arranging for medications; handling client emergencies; taking after hours calls regarding client illness; coordinating medical care and social services; referring and communicating with physicians and responsible parties; and, referring to community resources. The Care Manager works as a team with the client's home care aides to provide the most inclusive care. Contact us today to determined if care management is right for you.

What are my payment options?
We can send you an invoice, charge your credit card, debit directly from your checking account, or, if you have long-term care insurance that covers home care services, we can provide you with the paperwork needed for you to be reimbursed for the services authorized by your insurance provider.

Will Medicare cover this care?
Medicare does not reimburse for the type of ongoing, personal care in which we specialize. Many of our clients require more care than Medicare will cover or have needs not covered by the Medicare program. Long-term care insurance and the Veterans Administration’s Community & Home Based Care Program may cover some home care services for eligible veterans.

What are your rates?
Please contact us for current rates. We strive to keep our rates competitive with other agencies.

What is the minimum number of hours required per shift?
Lifespan has a three-hour shift minimum and a weekly minimum of nine hours. Even though we have a three-hour minimum, at times we can provide less if we have available aides.

Do you only take care of seniors?
No, we provide services for adults with varying care needs, including adults with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and brain injury.

What if I need help after office hours?
We can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lifespan has a scheduling employee and a nurse on call when the office is closed to help you with schedule changes or questions that may arise after hours.

Can Lifespan provide services in retirement communities, assisted living facilities or nursing homes?
Yes, Lifespan can provide services regardless of where your home is. Lifespan has a great working relationship with the senior living facilities in the county. Some licensed care settings may have limitations on the specific activities performed by personnel of home care agencies. We cooperate with their policies.