We are celebrating our 35th anniversary in 2018!

In our 35 years, we estimate that we have cared for over 7,000 aging persons and their families.  Through this work, we have witnessed great courage and wisdom, learned life lessons, and tried our hardest to provide excellent service.  It has been our privilege to enhance the lives of our clients, and we honor them.  

We also wish to acknowledge the hard work and compassionate care that our office staff and home care aides have provided over the past three decades.  Without our dedicated staff, there would be no Lifespan.  

A special note of appreciation goes to the Santa Cruz Community which has recognized and respected Lifespan as a valued service provider for elders in our county.  Lifespan has been recognized and respected as valued service provider for elders in our community. We have been awarded "Business of the Year" by the Chamber of Commerce.  We were also recognized by the County Board of Supervisors and the California State Assembly for excellent and innovative services to elders in our community.

Thank you!

Pam Goodman, R.N. and Becky Peters, R.N. • Lifespan Founders

Our Mission

Lifespan is a comprehensive aging care management agency dedicated to providing the highest quality and most cost-effective care. We strive to maximize the health, safety, comfort, and independence of aging persons within our community.  

Enhancing Life, Finding Joy

Personal Assistants

Our Personal Assistants (PA's) help aging persons with life activities that younger people often take for granted.  These specialized services assist with hobbies, social outings, home organization, escort to physician appointments and bill-paying.  Assistance with arranging home repairs, care of pets, gardening, learning to use smart phones and computers, and fitness activities have also been helpful to our clients.  

In 2018, we plan to hire additional PA's to increase and enhance our new PA services.  

Home Care Aides Needed

In 2018, we hope to hire 50 new Home Care Aide employees for our growing list of clients.  Please click here to fill out an application.